Krypton is Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Krypton Solutions is dedicated to continuously improving our Quality Management System and customer satisfaction by consistently meeting or exceeding customer’s requirements and expectations. Responsiveness, a grand appreciation for management of data, and exceptional communication with our customers are the hallmarks of Krypton’s offering. Following through on our commitments is so central to what we do, our customers have learned to count on it, giving them the flexibility to pursue more aggressive time lines and focus on what’s really important. Below is a small sampling of the feedback we receive almost daily.

Krypton Solutions: Aspiring to be Your Partner of Choice

“Our development efforts have frequently been hampered by multi-week delays associated with bare PCB procurement followed by PCB assembly. We have recently turned to Krypton to handle both bare PCB procurement and PCB population. Our development schedules have been drastically improved with Krypton’s rapid turnaround that allows us to go from PCB layout to PCB test in less than 3 weeks. We have also benefited greatly from Krypton’s ability to assess PCB designs early in the design process providing further decreases in development iterations and time per iteration.”
Chief Engineer, Defense Industry
“I’ve found them to be very pro-active in giving us nothing but the quality expected and then some…This company always responds to our requests in a timely manner and will put how ever much expertize and people is needed to assist us in meeting our goals.”
Quality Engineer, Medical Company
“The quality of Krypton’s fabrication and assembly process always meets or exceeds expectations. When you couple this with exemplary customer service and a commitment to schedule, you have a winning combination.”
Sr Systems Application Manager, Semiconductor Company
“I’ve been doing business with Krypton for the pass six or seven years…I find that Krypton by far is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. They genuinely care about their customer’s needs and will work with you to help solve any issues that may come up during their production process or in my production process. The professional manner and the quality of the product of a company are extremely crucial to me; Krypton exceeds these criteria’s.”
Production Manager, Medical Industry
“We worked with several CMs however we decided to go exclusively with Krypton Solutions because of their superior customer service, quality of product, on-time delivery and “Can Do” attitude. It is a real pleasure to have Krypton as a partner on our development programs.”
Program Manager, Semiconductor Industry
“Thank you for delivering the modules on a very timely basis and with awesome quality. We are very pleased and impressed at Krypton’s capabilities.”
Manager, Company
“The equipment that Krypton uses is the newest state of the art equipment out there. They are always striving to stay up with the current and best equipment available for their customer’s needs…Their quality is by far the best of any other EMS supplier we use.”
Manager, Company